Guru Nanak Dev Ji

1. When was Guru Nanak Dev Ji born & where ?
    April 15, 1469 A.D. in Talwandi (now in Pakistan - Nankana Saheb)

2. Name the parents of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
    Father : Mehta Kalu Ji
    Mother : Mata Tripta Ji

3. Who were Bebe Nanaki & Bhai Jai Ram ?
    Bebe Nanaki was Guru Nanak Dev Ji's older sister & Bhai Jai Ram was her husband.

4. Name the wife of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
     Mata Sulakhani Ji

5. Name the sons of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
     Baba Sri Chand Ji Baba Lakhmi Das Ji.

6. Which Guru established the first Gurdwara (Sangat) ?Where & when ?
     Guru Nanak Dev Ji at Kartarpur in 1521 A.D.

7. What were Guru Nanak Dev Ji's travels called ?
8. Name the Muslim who accompanied Guru Nanak Dev Ji with a rebeck (a musical instrument invented by himself).
     Bhai Mardana Ji.

9. Where are the descendants of Mardana found ?
     In Ramdas, the city of Baba Buddha, and are called Rababies or the people of Rebeck.

10.During his travels, Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to Sayyadpur (now called Eminabad) and stayed at a carpenter's house (considered of low caste according to the Hindu caste system).       name the carpenter?
      Bhai Laalo

11.Who was the (high caste) local official there whose feast Guru Nanak Dev Ji rejected ?
      Malik Bhaago

12.Where was the first missionary center (Manji) established by Guru Nanak Dev Ji ?
      The first 'Manji' was established at Bhai Laalo's house to spread Sikhism in Northern Punjab

13.What was the abode of the Jogis (Yogis) of Gorakhnath clan called ?
     Gorakhmata (later became known as Nanakmata)

14.Name the mountains where Guru Nanak Dev Ji met the renowned 'Sidhas'.
      Kailash Parbat (also called Sumer Parbat)

15.Name the composition in Guru Granth Saheb Ji that records the dialogues Guru Nanak Dev Ji had with the 'Sidhas'.
      Sidh Ghosht

16.Name the so called cannibal that Guru Nanak Dev Ji met during his travel through the wilderness of Assam.
      Kauda Rakhshash

17.During his travels, whom did Guru Nanak Dev Ji meet at Sangladeep (Ceylon) ?
      Raja Shiv Nabh

18.Who was the founder of the Mughal dynasty in India ?

19.Name the reigning Mughal ruler during Guru Nanak Dev Ji's time.

20.What are the four hymns by Guru Nanak alluding to the invasions by Babar (1483- 1530 A.D.) collectively known as in Sikh literature ?
      Babarvani (Guru Nanak described the atrocities of Babar and his men in Punjab)

21.Where was Guru Nanak taken captive during Babar's invasion ?
     Sayyadpur, now called Eminabad, in Gujranwala district of Pakistan

22.Where did Guru Nanak Dev Ji meet Vali Kandhari ?
      Hasan Abdal

23.Name the Gurdwara, now in Pakistan, which stands at the place where Vali Kandhari's ego was broken.
      Panja Saheb

24.When and where did Guru Nanak Dev Ji become 'Joti Jot' (immersed in the Eternal Light) ?
      In 1539 at Kartarpur

25.How old was Guru Nanak Dev Ji when he passed away and transferred the 'Divine Light' over to Guru Angad Dev Ji ?
      Seventy Years